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What are Smencils?

Smencils Fundraising is a perfect Fundraising Idea!! Kids Love Them, Parents Love Them and Teachers Love Them! A non-candy fundraiser!!

Smencils Scented Pencils are scented pencils or smelly pencils. They are made from recycled newspapers instead of wood, like regular pencils.

You can actually see the newspaper type when you sharpen the Scented Pencils.

New!!  Black Ink & Gel Smens  (Scented Pens).
They Come in 6 Gourmet Scents

"Could we have one more box of smelly [Smencils] pencils. The box we just got has already been sold!! I told the kids we would try to get them here ASAP. They really are a hit here. Thanks again for all your help."
....Community High School

"It is so hard to find a fundraiser that the children are actually interested in. Smencils have done that. They have also sold very well to parents during car pooling and we are happy with our sales. Our school grouped them into sets of 10 pencils and tied them with a festive ribbon and had GREAT success turning a $1 sale into a $10 sale!"
....Hope Charter School

Use them for a Halloween treat, a gift for children - rather than candy, a surprise treat for that lunch box or school treat and businesses use them for promotional items.

Each Smencil comes in a biodegradable plastic (made from corn) freshness tube and are available in many scents.
Smencil Scented Pencil Flavors